It appears that the site you are visiting tries to display my entire website   http://www.youhuokeji.cn  within a frame in order to surround it with money-making ads. This website does NOT own my content and does NOT have permission to exploit it this way.

This website's practice is variously referred to a "leeching", "hot linking" or "website scraping".

Question for those who place their ads here:  Do you really think that your "brand" is well served by paying for, and becoming associated with, such a questionable scheme?

Here are some thoughts to consider:

A greedy person who wanted to make money by selling books or movies without spending money to buy or create them might just make copies - a form of theft known as copyright violation. It is a Federal offense, investigated by the FBI that can lead to heavy fines and jail sentences.

Now suppose instead a greedy person wants to make money by selling advertising on a website, but is unwilling or incompetent to create a website of any interest to others. No interest ==> few "eyes" ==> no ad revenue...

One solution is to "leech" websites created by others. This of course is quite easy to do as most websites are accessible to all and thus easy to access electronically - no copier required.

Leeching in the form used by the website you are visiting does not literally "copy" my website's material - instead it pretends to my website to be a normal visitor while passing on to you the results via its own web page. At present such "man in the middle" schemes fall into a "gray area" of the Copyright laws.

Such schemes have a number of benefits for the leech: I have a number of objections to this practice

He could use the links to other sites in a legitimate way - to open the other site in its own window - which is what reputable sites do. Of course that new window would not carry his paid-for advertisements, so he chooses not to...

I hope that after considering these issues you will come to understand that "leeching" is not a reputable scheme, and that you do not want your company associated with it.